I have been experimenting with my new lens and camera attachments lately, notably the Ulanzi Anamorphic 1.3x lens for my iPhone.

So far I like the darker blue almost cobalt horizontal flare from this lens (1.3X) I believe its the latest version (ver.3)

The other thing I wanted (needed) were some small lights. These are small, run for a couple hours on a charge, and plenty bright. They come with both a diffuser (white), and a warm gel. Both attach with magnets to the lights frame and can stack.

2 LumaCube 2.0 waterproof video lights
hot shoe attachment screws into standard threaded hole in light, fits tripod or other mounting devices. I got a suction cup mount that works great!

The Trails image as well as the Tomato portrait were both shot with the 3.0 Ulanzi 1.3X anamorphic lens adapter and an iPhone XS