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    Release Date: TBA 2018

    Developer: Amazon Studios

    Publisher: Amazon Studios

    Newly formed Amazon Studios is creating its own fantasy massively

    multiplayer online game, and early concepts looks absolutely incredible.

    It’s set in an alternate reality, set in 17th century colonial America

    where magic is real. Devs tease nature things out in the wild and

    horrible things hiding in the shadows, so let’s go ahead and assume

    there will be fantastical monsters aplenty.

    How you play and what you do, and what sort of player you are is entirely up to you. In the only brief teaser video we have for New World,

    the devs tease that you can be a farmer, a soldier who protects others,

    an explorer, or anything else you want to be in this world.

    It’s intriguing, and the fact that it has a big Amazon budget behind

    it makes it even more interesting. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard

    anything new about New World since last year, so here’s to hoping we will get some new information soon.

    Pre-order New World here.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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