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    Remember Defiance ? That shooter MMO from Trion Worlds which ran in conjunction with a TV Show of the same name on the SyFy channel, sadly after only two seasons SyFy pulled the plug leaving the future of the game in doubt as it was based around events happening in the TV show.

    Well now comes Defiance 2050. It will be a sequel of sorts. It will have the original version remastered from the ground up, plus added whole new content. The game’s systems have gotten major improvements to create the definitive version of the game. Today’s consoles and PCs enable the dev team to implement features and upgrades that fans of the game have been clamouring for, while advancements in hardware allow for action on an even larger scale than before, with more players able to take to the battlefield in white-knuckled combat.

    It will launch this summer for PC, PS4, and Xbox one, and will be F2P with a cash shop.

    You can sigh up for beta


    Sandi and I have played DEFIANCE since the start and even logged in relatively recently.

    This game looks good, but we wonder how will the division between PvE and PvP be?

    As is you can play an entire PvE game without any PvP.

    Now, we do play PvP games….just liked doing the missions and stuff on the existing game.

    Must look into this further.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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